Admission and Financial Aid

We are Harvey Mudd College

You know the feeling… You’re deep into a problem and the world drops away. Then suddenly you see the unforeseen. Like a diver returning to the surface, viewing the world anew. Everything around feels fresh, connected, a beautiful abstraction and a concrete truth. We are that feeling.

FAFSA Update

The most recent update regarding the release of FAFSA application information to schools and Harvey Mudd’s commitment to provide financial aid offers to incoming and returning students.

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“The students here really like math and science a lot, but the cool thing is that they see the other side of things too. They see how it relates to society and how you can apply what you’ve learned in the math and sciences to music, psychology, philosophy and how they can really come together.

Kate Shepherd ’14

Additional Resources

Additional resources to help with the admission process.