Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC)

ASHMC stands for Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College. Every due-paying student at Harvey Mudd College is a member of ASHMC and is able to take advantage of all ASHMC-sponsored extracurricular and social events as well as participate in many facets of student governance.

Mission Statement

ASHMC seeks to empower our student body by increasing engagement, stimulating leadership, celebrating diversity and advocating for equality.

Governance Structure

Oversight of ASHMC activities and policies is placed in the hands of the ASHMC Executive Board and Senate. The ASHMC Executive Board, chaired by the President, is composed of eight voting members (Senate Chair, Treasurer, Club Director, Committee for Activities Planning Director, Diversity Director, Social Director, Sustainability Director and Wellness Director) and one non-voting member, the Residential Affairs Liaison. The Senate is chaired by the Senate Chair and composed of thirteen voting members (four class presidents and nine dorm presidents) and one non-voting member, the Treasurer.

Meetings (Open to the Public)

The ASHMC Senate meets every Friday at 12:00 p.m. at the Aviation Room in the Hoch-Shanahan Dining Hall. Additional meetings may be announced in the ASHMC newsletter. If you would like to know about the inner workings of the student government, come to an ASHMC meeting to see how it all works!

How to Get Involved with ASHMC

Consult the members of leadership page to view the different leadership positions within ASHMC, students will receive an email when the petition periods begin to run for any ASHMC leadership position. Each position has different responsibilities and the time commitment varies so feel free to ask previous or current members about their work. Various appointments are made to ASHMC committees once a year as well. These committees generally require less time commitment than Senate or Executive Board officer positions and are a nice way to get involved in ASHMC as an underclassman.

Legal Status and Budget

We are a California 501(c)4 corporation whose mission is to serve the Harvey Mudd College student body. We receive dues from every student enrolled in the college to maintain our revenue stream. For allocation information, please see the budget information section of the ASHMC Resources page.

ASHMC Relationship with Harvey Mudd College

ASHMC is completely independent of, though still affiliated with, the institution of Harvey Mudd College. We appoint and maintain representatives to several Harvey Mudd College committees, including the Faculty Executive Committee, the Teaching and Learning Committee, the Computing Committee, the Board of Trustees Educational Planning Committee, the Board of Trustees Student Affairs Committee, the Board of Trustees Physical Plant and Campus Planning Committee and the Board of Trustees.